Red Panda Cub - Colchester Zoo Print - A3 Poster (Multiple Photo Options)

Here are A3 Poster options for photos of the Red Panda Cubs at Colchester Zoo. They were born on 18th June 2019, these photos were taken on 27th October 2019 so they were just over four months old.


Posters are not as high quality as prints. They are printed on poster paper instead of photo-paper and as a result the quality is not the same.


50p from the profits of this print will go to the Colchester Zoo Operating Fund. This fund is helping to look after the animals from food to ventinary bills as well as other aspects of keeping the zoon running whilst it is shut due to COVID 19. You can find out more here.


I will be donating the money to all the various charities as a lump sum on the first of every month. I will post the evidence of this on my Instagram as well as writing up a blog post about it, you can be notified of this by signing up to the newsletter (which can be found either after purchasing or on the homepage)



If you have any questions please get in touch by either emailing or filling out the contact form elsewhere on the website.


Red Panda Cub - Colchester Zoo Print - A3 Poster (Multiple Photo Options)

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